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"Welcome the seasons and the passing of time."


SAISONS D’EDEN is the story of a woman fascinated by plants and convinced that our bodies change with the different seasons. Our skin, which is the first organ to be confronted with these climatic changes, needs to be adequately prepared.

Johanna Fayolle decides to abandon her PowerPoint presentations and dry consultant files and to dedicate herself to the research of what nature can offer our skin, with the objective of reconciling Nature and Progress, Health and Refinement.

She creates her skin care line in collaboration with a state-of-the-art laboratory. Her priority being to recognize and integrate the influence of the changing seasons with the need for an ethical high performance. These standards are at the heart of SAISONS D’EDEN’s philosophy, along with respect for skin type and the use of organic ingredients, without compromise.

SAISONS D'EDEN's three promises

A cream for all skin types and all seasons

Through innovation we conceive a perfect synergy, taking into account skin type and the seasons, adapting formulae function and galenic to outside factors which impact the skin. It took two years to elaborate SAISONS D’EDEN’s active ingredients and conceive a skincare respectful to the skin’s needs from one season to another.

Privileged organic natural ingredients

Convinced that all the greatest therapeutic discoveries are due to plants, that nature protects as much as she sublimates, SAISONS D’EDEN uses the best of what Nature has to offer and is committed to the official Ecocert organic charter. By daring to accept the constraints imposed by this carter, we offer you quality along with healthy beauty. 

Pleasure of the senses

SAISONS D’EDEN is constantly evolving in order to enhance the aesthetics of nature formulae and it's relationship with sensuality and pleasure. Eden resembles a "Garden of Delights"where texture and enticing fragrances caress the senses.

Imagine an original and unique skincare, the pure basics, the essence and quintessence of the gentlest yet best of what Nature has to offer. To that, add a touch of femininity and a pinch of elegance.

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"Skin expresses its moods, each year has its seasons."


With SAISONS D’EDEN, reclaim your original beauty thanks to its unique cosmetics approach, restoring cutaneous balance in accordance with seasons and skin type.




Concept — adaptation of our formulae function and galenic according to:

  • Climatic factors and their strong influence on the skin 
  • skin type

"A beautiful skin is a well-respected and balanced."

Your skin is unique. By respecting its needs and offerings it what it needs, you are preserving it and helping to restore its balance and beauty.

Each skincare is a concentrate of rare and precious green active ingredients which reboot the cellular mechanisms of the epidermis allowing it to regain by itself its natural balance and original beauty.

By applying SAISONS D'EDEN beauty products, your skin's innate natural balance is not only respected, it reclaims its naturalness undermined daily by various hazards.
Our products are full of skillfully chosen essential nutrients : antioxidants, vitamins, oligoelements, fatty acids and amino acids, which enable cellular renewal, hydration and protection.

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"Only the best quality ingredients can create outstanding products."


Exceptional organic beauty products

The use of organic products in our cosmetics is both a necessity and a guarantee of high-performance. 
Our R & D department’s main concern is to produce quality and comfort of use which competes with the best in conventional cosmetics.

Our belief is innovation, by finding the perfect synergy optimized by high-quality active ingredients.

It is in the town of Vichy, the hub of thermal medicine, that SAISONS D’EDEN became partner with a family-sized leading-edge laboratory, prized by the Ministry of  Research invested since its creation in natural cosmetics.

It is here that SAISONS D’EDEN’s active ingredients were created to meet your needs for specific products adapted to each season.

Because scientific progress ans nature are no longer incompatible, neither performance and high tolerance, all our plant extracts are organic and our formulae issued from green state-of-the-art technology.

Precious native oils, seasonal active ingredients, cultivated and wild plant extracts and mineral form the basis of our exceptional skincare products.
Essential components for the youth and balance of your skin, are highly efficent and provide optimal cutaneuous tolerance.

Because we wish to offer you only the best, 30% of our products’ ingredients are organic, whereas only 10% would suffice to obtain the official "organic label".


A new era

SAISONS D’EDEN offers a bouquet of natural essences for each season to sublimate the face; a subtle mix of aromas and textures in harmony with the seasons.

Guaranteed without synthetic fragrances, the laboratory works with the best perfumers to create natural alchemies. These fresh and greedy, discreet yet assertive fragrances open up your senses to a whole new range of olfactive pleasures. 

Thanks to our laboratory’s expertise, SAISONS D’EDEN’s Organic textures have nothing to envy the finest textures of natural and conventional cosmetics.

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"I believe in responsible green cosmetics. For this reason, we favor natural ingredients mainly issued from certified organic farming."


SAISON D'EDEN's commitments

  • Ecocert and Cosmebio certified products– a guarantee for cosmetics as natural as possible.

  • No raw materials whose risks on our health are well-known if not suspected, or animal-related products, except for beehive-related products.

  • Environmentally friendly formulae.

  • Our laboratory favors green raw materials, organic products, local produce and when not local, issued from fairtrade. Products elaborated and transformed in a non-polluting and environmentally-friendly way.

  • Perfect mastery over the supply chain from grower to end product for irreproachable quality.

  • Production processes respecftul of man and nature. Monitoring and traceability of products.

  • No animal testing.